Oedipus The King

by Dan Webb

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Inform the Cube I love that it has, at times, an off-putting and acidic sound, but still sounds great and reflects in its content, a very uncertain and chaotic time for many of us. It feels like a very cohesive album experience from start to finish, right down to the chilling conclusion which sounds like the world ending. Though it's less song-based than his previous efforts, some tracks are used as sketches to further explore and display many of the cool sounds on this album. Favorite track: Missed Opportunity.
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"Musically dense, it recalls Bowie’s Berlin period and refuses to pull its punches" - CLASH Magazine (UK)

"The future of music... the perfect soundtrack for the next four years... the next forty, too." - Popdose

"The gifted, Australian-based, psych pop maestro has a tendency to color outside the lines...like a warped collaboration between Julian Casablancas and Tom Waits." - Big Takeover Magazine (US)

"While applying keyboards that can play out like orphaned Miles Davis 'Bitches Brew' parts, Webb has a lot on his mind and in his creative spirit...a beautifully twisted lyrical mind... Oedipus The King is a delightful aural journey down Dan Webb's unique sonic rabbit hole." - antiMusic.com


released January 20, 2017

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Dan Webb.
Recorded February 13 - November 8, 2016 at Fairy Dust Studios, Far Kew Asylum, EES & Bakehouse Studios, Melbourne.
Mastered by Ross Cockle, Sing Sing Recording Studios, Melbourne.
Artwork by Jonathan Key
Photography by Wilk

Merchandise: Sungenre
Management: Cayden Hodgson

Publicity Contacts:
USA - Working Brilliantly
Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus
Phone: 951 468-4372
Email: admin@workingbrilliantly.com

ROW - Hodgson Management
Cayden Hodgson
Email: cayden@hodgsonmanagement.com



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Dan Webb Melbourne, Australia

Dan Webb is a psych pop, avant rock musician renowned for taking bold risks with little regard for convention. He has released 2 albums and 3 EP's in a truly innovative, fiercely-independent, genre-smashing career; music hailed as "the work of a genius" by Radio Adelaide with subsequent spins on Absolute Radio, BBC 6 and Australia's Double J & Triple J stations. ... more

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Track Name: Day One
One foot on the floor
Take your clothes off, pin it to the wall
Arjuna says, “show me all”
Stolen premise, swollen ego
Such a small crawl space
Such a waste, such a scientific mess
Dilapidated coup d'état
How they wonder who you are
How we came to be here
I’m fearing disappearing in the void
Of constant foresight
Melancholic limelight
Weiner’s blown it all
File transfer protocol
Vitriolic Jackson Pollock

Screaming through the haze
Driven by your lazy reason
Succulent cacophony
A temporal lobotomy
Deliver me trichotomy
Of rhyme and reason
While it’s seeming like
Injection of inflection
In the penance of your tax dodge

Now I’m crawling
I’m stalling time
I’m drinking wine
I’m trying to figure out
How this mess came about
I’m crawling
I’m stalling
I’m drinking wine
I’m feeling fine
For fleeting time
In the attainment
Of the pentatonic finish line
Track Name: Missed Opportunity
Every night I see us pulling through
Close my eyes and dream of us coming true
Missed opportunity in my mind
Chance is blown, I’m alone with visions ill-defined
No smoke blow westerly any more
Heaven won’t be knock-knocking on my door
Missed opportunity in my mind
Turned to you, but luck can be so unkind

I pass you everyday on my way to nowhere
In the same exact place as I light my second
Cigarette of the day without a care
We once kissed but now the opportunity’s missed in lieu
I don’t know what I’ll do if I cannot be with you
Track Name: Look What's Become of You
Oh, yeah,
Just look what's become of you
Track Name: Let Them Eat Cake
Ah, say what you will, but I’d rather let them eat cake first
There’s no debate how I came to negate the first verse for this drivel
Wait! Just let me swivel and try another tact for a while

Rumours of my demise have been greatly compromised and suppressed by those in the news
Hey, if they won’t report on it, they must have been bought, no?
What about Hillary’s lies, or Debbie’s surprise that we found out about their attempt to circumvent Sanders?
They sure seem bitter, so they’ll ask Jack at Twitter to silence the debate for a while,
Create a distraction and mass media inaction ensues
Of course there’s remorse, but I’d rather this discourse took on a happy ending, wouldn’t you?

Let them eat cake

Well, in the end I guess it’s just a word, just a promise, just a token point of view
But heck, I’m not Katy Perry, so I can’t expect Kingsmill to want to play me, at least any time soon
Let him mull over his taxpayer funded job description before he pulls the trigger for subscription to change

Let them eat cake

Hmm, I think we’ve been here before so maybe this time I’m just let the folklore speak for itself

Let them eat cake
Track Name: Got To Know
Corruption, racketeering and seduction
Seems like we’re just pawns in this production
Escapism is no rebate from the deduction

Demoralising and surprising in every way
Finding it so damn hard to make it through the day
With this constant interplay directed from above

Stop, stand and quit and get ahead of it
Intelligence ain’t the same as wilful ignorance
Right down in the mud with face fed full of it

So we’re facing eight billion in divorce fees
Anxiety has got a stranglehold on me
Trepidation in the way that we are and this reality

Growing tired of the wired-in atmosphere
The temptation to lie is not partisan
Calculating, meditating when I’m eager to go

I got to know
I got to know
If we’re already at war with ourselves
Within ourselves
Without a soul
Track Name: Nomads
Maria was a lovely lady from Venezuela who arrived in the Lower East Side four months prior to our engagement
Long, thick flowing black hair and not a single care in the world
She bought me a macchiato and I bit my tongue
Her aromas blew my mind
We just didn’t know where to look as we waited for the world to turn
Tomorrow we’d find ourselves waiting idly, waiting ideally, hunting and prowling and panting like nomads
Bespoke, beautiful, youthful and broke
Seems love’s own worst enemy is within us all
It’s that trying sound that keeps you awake at night
Nagging and burrowing deep beneath your irregular, misshapen heart
Beat the nomads to the light
Track Name: Stuck In The Road
He dig the brunette
You take the pay check
Stuck in the road
So you’re gonna need a head check
I loathe the concept
You place a blind bet
Stuck in the road
You better go and push reset

Cable news deliberations
Rock the world to its foundations
So much verbal masturbation
VHS tape revelations
Burbank building renovations
Golden era lamentations
Despondent in your expectations
Seeking solace in migration

You’re stuck in the road yeah,
You’re stuck in the road